Cheney Walk Farm is owned by Sandy and Kaley Pratt of Gainesville, Florida. It is a small private Jumper barn nestled in the middle of four subdivisions in South West Gainesville  and located inside of Cheney Walk Estates. Sandy became involved in the equestrian business back when her oldest daughter, Kaley, was five years old and developed a strong passion for riding. Kaley never lost her passion for horses and continued riding while attending University of Florida and into adulthood. Kaley has 28 years of riding experience now and is a very gifted rider. Kaley currently resides in Annapolis, Maryland where she works with the Equestrian program at Garrison Forest Academy

We do not offer trail riding or lessons. If you are in the market for a new horse or pony please check with Kaley, because even if we do not have any horses ourselves for sale – she knows a lot of excellent trainers and owners in the Equestrian field. She is very good at helping people find the perfect horse for their individual needs.

To find video clips on our horses go to: and look up Cheney Walk Farm. We have several videos on there.  You can also contact me at